Helps Center Outreach

We have a desire to partner with churches and other ministry organizations across the United States to operate our Upcoming Community Helps Center Outreach Groups that will provide many much needed services to those that are passing through some difficult storms (situations) in their life.  Our primary focus includes services and support to Left Behind Families and Single Mothers.

Here is a brief description of some of the services and support that the Helps Center Groups will provide…

 Transportation Assistance:

Help with Transportation assistance and/or finances for the left behind families to be able to make regular visitation trips.  The Helps Center will also help with securing bus passes to get to and from work, school or medical appointments.

Support Groups:

The Community Helps Center Outreach Groups will have a couple of different Support Group meetings during the week that will include, but not limited to;  (1)  Support group for left behind families to share with others that are going through and understand the same trials they are dealing with.  (2)  Support group that will provide encouragement to those in general who are passing through difficult times in their life.

Midweek Meals:  

The Community Helps Center Outreach Groups will host a mid week meal meeting for those who may be passing through a difficult time in their life.  Not only will they be receiving physical food for their body, they will be receiving spiritual food through an inspirational message while they enjoy their free meal.   Staying for the messages is not a requirement to receive food.  For those interested in attending an inspirational meeting, there will be To-Go food boxes prepared for those in need to be able to take food home with them as well.


The Community Helps Center Groups will help with school supplies, birthdays, Christmas presents and current “trend” clothing for underprivileged and left behind children.  It will help provide or locate a mentor for the boys and girls who have to deal with not having a Dad or Mom to take them to a ball game or shopping mall.  They will also help them be involved in a sporting event, dance class, etc. if they so desire.

 Job/Computer Training:

The Community Helps Center Outreach Groups will help the women left behind locate jobs, provide basic job training on how to interview and get hired for employment, how to start a small business and basic computer training.  These training sessions are also available to those returning home from an incarceration that may need help with a FreshStart.

 Furniture – Clothing – Tools:

The Community Helps Center Outreach Groups will help obtain or get basic furniture and clothing for the left behind family members who may have lost their personal belongings due to their spouse being incarcerated.

 Handyman/Home Services:

The Community Helps Center Outreach Groups will help the left behind women, single mothers and the elderly with fix it jobs around the house and help with basic auto repairs.  For the left behind women and single mothers, when the husband or child’s father is gone, they may need someone to help change the A/C filters, fix the sink, mow the lawn or change the oil in the car.  For the Elderly Seniors they may need some of these same services or some help with meal preparations.

24/7 Prayer Support:

FreshStart Fellowship will have someone available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for those times that you are struggling with the pressures of the World and just needing a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to and pray for you. We also will have available a 24 hour Internet Radio Broadcast where you can receive Hope & Encouragement through inspirational messages and Music throughout the day and night time hours.  If you are needing prayer please go to our Prayer Request Page here on our website.